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you can't always get what you want


Alexandra Baxter


QCA Galleries, Brisbane



The work of Amanda Bennetts and Alexandra Baxter explores time as an engine of moral relativity. While seemingly disparate in their respective practices, Amanda and Alexandra meet with intimate responses to parallel chapters of philosopher Simone Weil's text, Gravity and Grace. Both artists lean on a confessional style of pyscho-autobiography that is critical of the artist who is "enslaved by Gravity and liberated by Grace.' Gravity being the force of nature that causes things to fall down.


Grace being the empathy we feel when seeing Gravity occur from a distance. Amanda, with attention to the experience of bodily affliction, beckons for Grace to come before Gravity; empathy so as to not fall. Alexandra, with ear to the door of an innocence unraveled, waits for Grace to appear so as to make the memory of Gravity's landing softer, more bearable. The term, you can't always get what you want feels cynical, burdened, ungrateful even - but this show only hopes to have made room for objects that Grace might consider living inside; full of empathy for the self and the stranger.

Work exhibited: I feel the weight of the minute as I bend my body towards the clock, multimedia installation, 2023.

Image credit: Louis Lim

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